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  • Kloud Panda – Thunder Petal 60mL

    Do you remember that one vacation? You know, that one? Kloud Panda does, because that’s where we came up with Thunder Petal. This might be our juiciest mix – a sweet, sugary reminder of those mango or pineapple concoctions you enjoyed by the pool or on the beach. Understated but complex, the multiple tropical notes are easy to enjoy and fun to pick out – we know because we keep getting e-mails about it! This is a perfect “snack” vape for wherever you may be – or wherever you wish you were

  • Kloud Panda – Summer Paw 60mL

    We’ve been told this popular combination of cream and fruit is pretty much the best of both worlds. Each vape of Summer Paw starts with full-bodied citrus cream and finishes with a cooling, tropical exhale. Reminiscent of fresh sherbet, the cool multi notes of pineapple and mango keep this one light enough to roll with all day and interesting enough that you might find yourself thinking about it even after you’ve put it down.