Aspire – Triton Web Sleeve

Aspire – Triton Web Sleeve

Aspire – Triton Web Sleeve

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The first Triton Replacement Web Tank is the Classic Design, which is designed to add a touch of class and elegance to the appearance of the device. It is masterfully and artistically crafted with an intricate pattern that is extremely striking. Regardless of the battery used with the Triton Tank, this Classic Hollowed-Out Sleeve is sure to add a level of sophistication to your setup.

Triton Replacement Sleeves not only substantially add to the aesthetic appearance of the tank, but also serve to protect the Pyrex glass tank that rests within the stainless steel shell.

If you want to transform your setup into a stunning masterpiece, then you must include the Triton Replacement Sleeves with your Aspire Triton Tank.

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